United Nations report on the data of disability

"Disability at a Glance", a biannual publication on disability and data by UN ESCAP's Social Development Division. This 160-page publication documents disability data from every country in the Asian-Pacific region. For more information please visit www.unescap.org/sdd/

In my work for UN ESCAP (essentially United Nations in Asia and the Pacific) I was asked to design a publication about data and disability. It's a biannual publication, and the previous edition, 2010, was simply pages and pages of one-colour tables. At first I wasn't sure about taking the job on but it grew into an amazing project. 
The objective was present all the data from every country in the region, with a double-page dedicated to each country, showing both the data they had and the data that was missing. This was one of the real challenges, as some countries had good data, some had none. Each sub-region was given it's own colour pallette, and was introduced with a four-page spread comparing the countries within that sub-region.
The book has received great reactions from agencies and recipients. The bright design was really brought to life by the excellent print job by Clung Wicha Press, Bangkok. 
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